All About Me

Hi my name is Noahli Fisher this is my first year at PALCS. I am very excited this year because it is something new. My older sister Kenzi  did PALCS before in the previous years. This tackk is about what  I enjoy. Hope you like it.

I could not find a picture of my dog but his name is tucker and he is two years old. He is a Australian Cattle. He also has 2 different eye colors, brown and  blue. He has golden fur with white socks and a white spot on his neck. He is pretty cute.

My favorite subject is actually  Language Arts.  I love to write. I like to make up my own stories and songs.  I enjoy reading a little bit also, but not as much as writing.

When I was younger I played soccer.  And I did a little bit of cheer leading. I  also like to bake. I love singing, dancing, and acting. And every Sunday and Wednesday I go to church.

My Siblings and my little cousin on my dad's side.
When I was little I played soccer.
My family o my mom's side.
Me and some of my siblings when we were little.

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