Catholic Social Teachings

Religion assignment, jack kocour, Bro. Chris, 2/3/14

Personhood: Created by God in a unique way with our own Dignity

EX: We can rule over other species like animals but not other humans

Common Good: Respecting one another and having peace and security

EX: Someone falls in the hallways at school help him or her up

Solidarity: Friendship/Social charity, belonging to one another

EX: A football team because we need each other as a team to win

Subsidiarity: Those affected by the decision should be the ones that make it

EX: Like the dictator of the country makes a bad choice and the people have to suffer


St Barnabas exemplified common good. He sold all his property and gave it to his community. Then followed the will of God. He also represents person-hood everyday by being a saint.

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