A Career as an Accountant

Kory Mosher

Career Goal - Accountant

Accountant Career Overview

Accountants assemble, analyze and check the accuracy of financial Information.

All accountants and auditors must know the rules and regulations in their area. the rules change frequently. Accountants and auditors must regularly take training to keep their knowledge up to date

Public accountants- Have their own businesses or work for accounting firms. Their clients are usually individual people or sometimes businesses. Public accountants provide accounting, auditing, tax, and consulting services. They examine business operations for revenues and costs. They go over financial records to make sure the information is correct. They also develop accounting systems for clients.

Management accountants- Work for large company's. These accountants work as part of their company's management team and help make decisions. They give the team advice about how certain financial changes may affect the company. They record and analyze the business's financial information. In addition, they create budgets, and manage costs and assets.

Government accountants- Maintain and examine the records of government agencies. They follow special procedures and regulations. Accountants in this area may write reports for government officials. Government auditors check the tax records of businesses and individual people.

Internal auditors- Generally work for a company. They check that the company's financial records are correct. They also check for fraud, and help find ways to prevent financial losses.

Career Skills and Interests

For this career you must listen to others, understand and ask questions. Also you have to express ideas clearly when speaking or writing, also read and understand written information.

Some other things you must be able to do to be successful in this career is notice when something is wrong or is likely to go wrong, analyze ideas and use logic to determine their strengths and weaknesses, combine several pieces of information and draw conclusions, use reasoning to discover answers to problems, judge the costs and benefits of a possible action, make sense of information by studying it, develop rules or follow guidelines for arranging items, determine how a system should work and study how it changes in conditions affect outcomes, use math skills to solve problems, add, subtract, multiply and divide quickly and correctly, be aware of others reactions and change behavior in relation to them, us several methods to learn or teach new things, persuade others to approach things differently, quickly and accurately compare letters, numbers, objects, pictures, or patterns.

Career Working Conditions

Have a medium level of social contact. They work with customers and other accountants and auditors. Auditors have more contact with customers than accountants do. They are somewhat responsible for the work done by others. They communicate via e-mail, telephone, and also face to face discussions on a daily basis. Usually work independently but often work as part of a team.

Accountants almost always work inside and usually do not have to travel for work.

They must be very exact in their work and be sure all details are done right because if they have an error, their client could lose money. They also repeat the same mental tasks. Plan most of their own tasks, priorities, and goals without talking with a supervisor. Make most decisions without supervisor and the decisions can greatly affect their clients.

Tax season is their by far bussiest time of the year. They work over 50 hours a week. The person that I interviewed works on average over 80 hours a week during tax season during January to April. Can travel to visit the offices of clients.

Career Wages and Outlook

The pay is different with every employers size, location and type of accounting firm. You also can get paid more during tax season for working more hours, and if you have a better education, experience, and responisbility. If you are a partner or owner of a firm, you will make more money than they other employees in the firm. They usually recieve paid vacations, health and dental insurance and retirement plans. Most accountants get paid salary per year but can be paid hourly or daily.

The average pay for Minnesota-

Hourly Wage- $28.71

Salary Wage- $59,720

Career Related Occupations

- Actuaries

- Bookkeeping and Accounting Clerks

- Budget Analysts

-Compliance Officers and Inspectors

- Cost Estimators

- Financial Analysts

- Financial Counselors

- Financial Examiners

Programs Of Study - Accounting

Program Overview

The accounting program prepares people to work as accountants. The program teaches students various accounting methods and how to audit records and ensure that they comply with tax laws. They also learn how to create and review financial records.

Program Admission

People wanting to join this program can prepare for this program by taking courses in high school that make you ready for college. Usually have three years of Math, four years of English, three years of Social Studies, and two years of social studies. Some colleges require two years of an additional language.

- Keyboarding

- Accounting

- Introduction to Business

- Basic Computer

- Public Speaking

- Pre- Calculus

Program Typical Course Work

Undergraduate programs that lead to an associate or bachelor's degree usually include courses in these subjects-

- Auditing

-Business Law

- Business Management

- Calculus for Business

- Cost Accounting

- Introduction to Accounting

- Introduction to Marketing

- Management Information Systems

- Principles of Macroeconomics

- Principles of Microeconomics

- Statistics for Business

- Taxation

Related Programs

These programs are related to the accounting program-

- Accounting Technology and Bookkeeping

- Actuarial Science

- Agricultural Business and Management

- Business Economics

- Business, General

- Business, Management, and Administrative Services

- Economics

- Finance

- Financial Forensics and Fraud Investigation

- Mathematics

- Office Management

- Public Administration

- Taxation

Minnesota Schools That Offer My Program Of Study

- MSU, Mankato

- MSU, Moorhead

- Lake Superior College

- Itasca Community College

- Century College

- Dakotah County Tech. College


Minnesota State University, Mankato

College Info

- Location and Size- Located in Mankato, MN. About 14,000 undergraduates at MSU.

- Admission Requirements- Must take ACT or SAT. Score atleast a 21 on ACT, and a 3.00 GPA.

- Expenses- Tuition is about $7,750, Room and Board is about $7,500, $20 application fee.

- Housing- Crawford Hall, Elroy Hall, Julia Seers building, Stadium Height Apartments.

- Clubs/ Activities- Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Hockey, Swimming, Tennis, Soccer, Hockey.

Informational Interview

I learned a lot from my interview. She talked to me about what she does and goes through each day at her job. She really emphasized to me about getting my CPA license. She mentioned that the test is difficult but not to let it discourage me. She also mentioned things to do to get a better chance to get a job in this field and things not to do. One of them was letting my self get discouraged by the CPA test. Overall I am very glad I chose her to interview, since she has a lot of knowledge in this area.

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