Illustrate Lines

Vertical lines are lines that go up and down. Vertical lines create a taller, more slender look.

Horizontal Lines

White shirt with colorful horizontal lines. Horizontal lines gives a shorter and wider look.


Tie dye shirt with colorful diagonal lines. They colors make the shirt stand out more.

Curved lines

Circular lines. Curved lines add softness and roundness to apparel.

Part 2

the designs in this shirt fits to a skinny person because the designs are unevenly divided and skinny people should wear big designs and sometime small ones.

the belt is proportioned with the necklace because both of the accessories have an equal but unevenly divided.


Emphasis- special forcefulness of expression that gives importance to something singled out

Part 4

repetition Rhythm created by repeated lines, shapes, colors, or textures in a garment.The dress in the picture has light brown circles all over it.

Gradation: Rhythm created by a gradual increase or decrease of similar design elements. the dress is all black, laced and has printed design up there.

Rhythm created by lines emerging from a central point like rays, resulting in the parts being an equal distance from a given point. the dress is black and has a red silk tie around it.

Alternation: Rhythm created by alternating elements such as light and dark colors or stripes of two colors or sizes. The stripes on the dress at the top is what makes the dress. their white and blue stripes.