MOMENTUM! #momentum #kettner #tackk  by: Samie Woodbury

How do you define momentum?   Momentum is a characteristic of a moving object that is related to the mass and the velocity of the object.

What is conservation of momentum? In the absence of outside forces like friction, the total momentum of objects that interact does not change.

What is the formula for momentum? The formula for momentum is simply... Momentum= Mass  x  Velocity!

Why does P represent momentum in the formula? It likely came from the Latin word "petere" which means "go towards". They couldn't use "m" because that was already used for mass.

How does something small and something large have the same momentum? Speed! even though something large has a lot of mass and is traveling fast, something small but traveling fast will also have a lot of momentum because of it's speed.   

What's the difference between a "sticky" and a "non-sticky" collision? In a "sticky" collision both momentum and kinetic energy are conserved. In a "non-sticky" collision only momentum is conserved.

This image describes an Elastic collision because before the cars collided and after they collided there kinetic energy was the same!

This image describes an Inelastic collision because as the two people join together part of their kinetic energy is transformed to another form of energy, tending to result in the slowing or joining together of their bodies.

What type of collision would happen if u threw a piece of clay on the ground? I think an inelastic collision because when it hits the ground the energy isn't lost just turned into a different type of energy.

What is angular momentum and how does it relate to outer space? Angular momentum is the measure of the amount of rotation an object has, taking into account its mass, shape and speed. When our planets rotate/orbit around each other!

P.S.- Mrs. Kettner is the best teacher evaaaaa!!!