My Civil War Diary

written by: Megan Kranz

Journal entry 1: All about me

Hi Diary,

My name is a Chloe Smith, I grew up from a small town in the South, my life at home is rough, I work in the house as a servant doing whatever my master requests. I hate working at home, I want to stop this slavery. Although I am only fourteen years old, I am a tough cookie. I am fighting on the North side against the racism of African Americans. Fighting in the Civil War as a boy is difficult, I really hope I don't get caught especially cause I am a private. Privates are usually treated poorly because we are on the bottom of the ranking scale.  If the north wins I will be so happy! I got separated from my family awhile back, since I secretly know how to read and write we occasionally write back and forth.  

Journal 2: Civil war slang

JAKE: Well hiiiyya POSSUM!!! hows it going?!?!



MEGAN: WOOOWWW! those sheet iron crackers are deeeeeeeeeeeelish oh my gawwdd!! im so wallpapered I drank to much tar water

JAKE: maybe I should drive the horse home or else you could end up a jailbird

MEEEGAAN: no I am FIT AS A FIDDLE well im going now byee

Journal 3: Dear Mom,

I wanna come home! We always have to do a lot of shooting practice, firing at targets. The shooting practice isn't my problem it is all the running and agilities that comes with the price. Who could forget about all the chores as well? All the privates before each morning we have to make sure our gun is all cleaned and polished, ready for a new day of practice. Also our gym shoes have to be clean, for running. Our dishes and silverware have to be clean so that we can eat a "good meal" for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As well as our binoculars, have to be cleaned just so that we can see out of them just in case the south attacks.Now for the worst part of the camp is the punishments. If you happen to commit some type of crime, they definitely embarrass you. Lets to say you steal something the generals will make you put a sign around your neck stating what you did. Also you will have to keep it their for at least four months. Now if you try and escape.    

Your Daughter,


Journal 4: Jeremiah Interview:

interviewer: Hi Jeremiah what is something that you are proud of?

Jeremiah: I am definitely proud of being a drummer boy, and being able to support my big brother. Also to have the ability to fight for what my family and I believe in. A benefit for doing this was that going into the war I knew that my mom was getting taken care of by people that care for her.  

Journal entry 6: This song is about, two boys on the battle field who see eachother but don't have the courage to fire at each other

based off the song strong by one direction

My eyes

Your eyes

locked up

like two birds



guns try to break it

i’d save it for anything

but why is it so hard

to me stop staring

(chorus)  I'm sorry if I keep on staring

But I just can not stop caring

I'm not scared of guns

cause when I stop staring I'm lifeless

is that so bad?

is that so bad

cause you make me strong (chorus)

my eyes

your eyes

sit tight like our guns


on us

made with different fabrics

so many colors I am seeing

dont want to wait till your gone

cause you make me strong

Journal entry 5: Dear Mom,

I know your probably really worried about me living in the camps, but it's not all that bad. After we finish practicing our drill we as privates get a lot of free time. As some of our choices we can entertain ourselves by playing cards, gambling, sitting around the campfire, telling stories, and so much more! Probably my favorite activity to do to pass time is telling stories. I love just listening to the random stuff people say, and also just the fact of bonding and hanging out with my friends. Another factor of living in these camps is the issue of food. A lot of the food we eat is a lot worse then the stuff you used to make me. What happens mostly with the food we will store is that it will grow to become old. Causing us to have bugs in most of our meals. Though all food we eat is gross, the one I don't find half bad is the raw meat. I find this okay because at least with this it keeps your stomach full. Also I am not going to be thirsty afterward, and drink ditch water. Well it is time for me to get going, I hope to see you soon!


1. find an animal you would like to eat

2. skin the animal

3. dip the flesh in ditch water

4. let it dry so it absorbs the different flavors

5. enjoy!

Love Chloe

Journal entry 7:  I can't take it anymore, it breaks my heart seeing all these people wounded and or sick with a illness. There are so many illnesses that the nurses don't even know how to cure half of them. Most of the popular diseases are Rubeola which are known as Measles. Another sickness is Diphtheria which is a bacterial illness characterized by sore throat and fever; serious and even fatal complications can occur. The most popular sickness that is coming down is diarrhea. Nurses help to cure the patients by making blankets and quilts, cooking and rendering care.  Though most people are in the hospitals because of sickness, there are a bunch of wounded soldiers. Gun shots cause the most deaths, which is sad. I wish there was a way to help the sick and the wounded because no one deserves to go through the pain.

Journal entry 8: Yay! Finally the war ended and we won! After a while of continuous fighting the Confederates surrendered. I am so excited to come home and be able to see my family again. The whole town is gonna be pleased, I bet we are gonna have a celebration with cheering, dancing, laughter, and stories for all. I can already smell the home cooked food, and the camp fire till dawn. With the nightly winds whispering in my ears as I twirl and spin. But soon the celebration is going to come to an end, and I wonder if I am gonna get drafted back into next years war. Oh well, I am just overwhelmed to be back in the place that I belong with the people that I love.

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