Hello, my name is Katie

I am a 12 year old student at Boles Junior High. I am interested in art and it has become a hobby of mine. I also love to play video games like Minecraft.

I have had a lot of pets. I currently have a cat and dog, but I used to have 3 birds, too. I am a really big animal lover and want to be a vet when i'm older. I also love running. I am not in track, but I love to race other people, including my brothers. When i'm older, I plan on going to UTA for college.

My family is very odd. I am the only girl, except for my Mom and step Mom. I have two full brothers and two half brothers. I also have both of my parents, but they are re-married. So, I also have a step Mom and step Dad. I also consider my pets family, too.