by: Paige, Brooklyn, Laura and Kiara

What do we Compost?

Something's that you can compost are leaves,grass clippings,weeds,garden clean up,fruits,vegetables and salads :)

Reason of Benefit

We want to start composting here because it will save a lot of wasted food that lies in the trash.  If we compost all of our fruits,veggies, and salads they can be turned into good soil so we can plant more fresh healthy foods. This cycle will save us thousands of dollars because we will be planting new foods and spending less money on store bought foods. Plus it's good for our environment and kids at West will eat healthier.

This is the area we will put the garden in. On the left is the garden and on the right is where the compost bins would go.

How Composting Works

Composting is basically food recycling. How it would work here at West is when everybody is cleaning up after lunch we would set up a bin near the trash can labeled " Compost" and kids would throw their fruits,veggies, and salads in it. NOTHING ELSE! We then take the it out to the garden. In the garden we have 2 bins a closed spinning one and a bin where the compost sits there. We put the food in the bins and stir and mush them together. After a couple days the compost turns into minerals and soil that we use to plant our new fresh foods! :)

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