Interior Plains
By: Hamzah Nadeem


The interior plains is one of the best land form regions to live in. One of the main reasons that the interior plains is a good place to live in is because of the location. The interior plains is located on the east of the western cordillera, and the west of the Canadian shield. The provinces that are inside in the interior plains are Alberta, Saskatchewan, and part of eastern British Columbia.   

Human Activities

There are many types of human activities for many people with different interests. If you  are interested into rodeos, you can attend the Calgary stampede. There are also a lot of national parks in the interior plains, such as banff, jasper, etc. There are also a lot of recreational activities, such as cross country skiing, ice hockey, soccer in the summer, etc. There are many activities, or attractions for many people with many different interests.  Most of these activities are only able to do if the climate is good enough to do these activities, i.e, hockey, skiing can be done in the winter, soccer can be done in the summer.

Physical Region

The climate in the interior plains is just like any Canadian climate. Hot Short summers, and long cold winters.  Temperatures in the summer can go from 10 degrees Celsius, to 30 degrees Celsius. Winter temperatures can go from -10 degrees Celsius, to -30 degrees Celsius. The main rock types in the interior plains are the Precambrian metamorphic rock, and igneous rock, which is at the bottom  of the interior plains. Also, there is sedimentary rock located in some parts in the interior plains.  Landscape in the interior plains are mostly lowlands. The land is also really flat but sometimes, you can find some big hills, but there are mostly hills that are small, or really small. The interior plains is mostly known for its rich soil for farming. The soil in the interior plains is the best soil there is on this planet. They can grow many types of trees such as fir trees, spruce trees, pine trees, etc. Many farmers grow a huge amount of wheat, and some oat and barley, and other types of grass.  

Natural Disasters

Since the climate for the interior plains is unpredictable, that means all the different natural disasters are also unpredictable. Most natural disasters that usually happen in the interior plains are extremely hot summers, extremely cold winters, hail storms, blizzards, floods, and droughts. It had also appeared to be some tornadoes in the past, but it doesn't really happen as much as the other types of natural disasters. Tornadoes can cause many damage to the big farms in the interior plains, and cause many damage to the residents.

Oil Industry

The province of Alberta (located in the interior plains) is mostly known for its big oil industry (Edmonton's NHL hockey team is named after it, the Edmonton Oilers). Canada, and the States gets most of its oil from The province from Alberta. In fact, Alberta owns 81% of all natural resources in the entire country. The oil resources they have is natural gas, convectional oil, minerals, and the oil sand. The whole province cares about the industry, that millions of dollars are invested each year by the industry, and the government, to do research and try to make their industry better and better.

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