Day 4 (Monday 5/5)

Voyage to the South: Cinco De HEYO

"Every occasion in life can be categorized as either a good time or a good story"

First off, HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO! Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican holiday that us Americans use as an excuse for excessive amounts of food and drinks. Today was busy but peaceful at the same time if you could ever imagine such a thing. We started our day off bright and early, only to be overcome with immense heat the second we left our air conditioned beach house to enjoy omelettes and coffee Oceanside. Next came tanning time for the ladies, which didn't last long due to the heat. After we swam and swam, and swam some more, all of us contributed our share of Mexican recipes to the abundance of dinner food, and we dug in! After dinner we walked to the arcade where a certain someone set off a certain alarm ending our arcade trip early, but hey we were spending more than we needed to anyway!

Although the night hasn't reached its end yet, the majority of our group is tired and sunburnt, calling for an early night.