Fossil Fuels

conserve, dead, decay, millions of years

In this lesson you will learn about amazing fossil fuels that you will need to conserve.They are decayed plants and animals that over millions of years with heat and pressure became energy.

the 3 types of fossil fuels

There are 3 types of fossil fuels are oil, coal, and natural gas.


Coal is made up of decayed animals over a million years have turned into coal. It is also made of sedimentary rock. Coal is normally a dark black or brownish-black color. Coal is a nonrenewable resource. Coal has 65-95% carbon it in. Coal is harder when it is applied with more heat and pressure.


Oil is found under the ground, which is usually between layers of rock. Oil is made up of decayed plant that over millions years it has turned into oil. It is thick and black fossil fuel. Oil is also a nonrenewable resource. It take lots of good heat and pressure to form. Oil can also be called petroleum.

natural gas

Natural gas is the remain of decayed plants that over a million years have turned into natural gas.It is lighter that the normal air. Natural gas is mostly made up of methane. It is underground and it travels through the pipelines and to the storage. Natural gas has been produced in 32 different states. It is found 6,000 feet under Earth's surface.

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