By: Xander Creed, Grace Longmuir, Mickey McClanahan

Torch browser is a free, ad supported web browser.  It was developed by Torch Media using chromium source code.

What can Torch do?

~ Decent security

~ Browsing while linked to social media

~ Download torrent files, along with Instagram and Vine videos

~ Torch Music - which organizes YouTube videos and other music results

~ Torch Player - makes it easy to play movies and videos straight from browser

~ Torch Games - 100's of online games for free!

~ Drag and Drop image search

~ Ability to customize look and feel of Facebook pages using pre-set themes


~Torch is linked with social media so it creates an interactive, communicative internet experience

~ It's free!

~ Offers many additional services (Torch Player, Games, and Music)

~ User Friendly


~ Slow performance (25.3 seconds for a web browser)

~ Can be difficult to download

~ Has ads in the browser

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