Head to the wealth from Friday on November 22

Board manufacturer is a 07 RS Gold NPCS in Taverley - only a stone's throw, whether from the architect and player owned houses portal - who can meet the needs of all of your logs to board. Architecture can be a difficult skill to enter, but this simple change it easier now, facilitate everybody. There is a bank near and put your board and your house is as easy as jumping into the portal website!

Check-out wealth of screaming, you'll find a brand new items up for grabs. When you have a protean board, there is no need to worry about the right kind of wood built - they work for any other kind of! Spinning the scream of wealth can net you between 20 and 1000 board, they heap! That's not all - of wealth is held at the same time further construction prize three bills:

Construction training kit, containing all you need to work on your player has internal resources, are more likely to be added. You win the opportunity to double all kinds of wood. From the construction of lamps and lanterns XP three times! The three bonus from November 22 (Friday) run 00:00 GMT until November 25th 23:59 GMT on Monday. If you need help it converted to local time, to see here.

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