japan and it's military leaders

by jeffrey Haygood and Jose kilgore

all of Japan's leaders were named. Misaki honda. Janji ishwari. Mineichi Kota. Takeo Kurita akiro muto.chuichi nagura. Jisaburo ozawa. Raizo tanaka. Hisachia terauchi.

Hideki Tojo was army general and prime minister who led japan through most of world war 2

In 1930s Hideki fought in the sino japenese war leading japenese forces and occupied Manchuria.

Unlike Germany or Italy japan didnt have a dictator

Japan only had a oligarchic and a militaristic system.

Emperor horohito was leader of japan through some of the world war 2.

Horohito was crowned emperor in 1928

Jana became militarist aggressive in the 1930s

Japan was not able to be in the Persian gulf war.

Tojo became minister in July 1941 and prime minister in October 1941

Japan flagged as a potential risk as a possible rise in China's military's role in shaping Beijings foreign policy.

Hideki Ono served from October 1941 to July 1944.

After the war Tojo was executed for Japan's war crimes

Japan has a standing military of about 225,000 personnel about one tenth of. China's and one fifth of North Korea but bigger than that of Britain

In 1944 air raids started over japan.

In 1945 us. Forces envaded Okinawa .

Japans sdf is untested in battle.

Japan 1947 constitution allowed them to wage war to solve international disputes.

In April us and japan agreed to shift 9000 us marines from japans army to Okinawa.

Horivyo died from 1928 to 1989.

During the war japan attacked nearly all of its Asian neighbors.

During the war japan allied itself with nazi germany.

Jap. Liked hitlers regime and used nazis to advance japans army

Japan made history by attacking Pearl Harbor quickly conquering vast territory's.

The one who planned the harbor attack was Yamamoto.

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