Natural Beauty

Most of the girls today doesn't have natural beauty anymore. A lot of girls are seeking for a help of cosmetic products because they think it will boost their confidence in facing the world. Well, in some point, it's true. The confidence of some girls relies on the makeups they wear. Boys fall in love with pretty girls that is why girls are provoked to wear makeups. But have you ever thought having a natural beauty? I mean, with no lipsticks, eye shadows or whatever kinds of cosmetics? Just your plain face and your shining smile? Boys would rather have a simple girlfriend than a girlfriend who's face is full of powder like she was tripped on flour. A boy would love to show the world that her girlfriend has simple, natural beauty.

Even though I'm a girl, I still admire other girls who are confident in socializing to other people without worrying her makeup might have messed up or if her hair was not already in its place. The important thing is, you have that confidence, even though you think you're not pretty, you have that confidence to talk with other people face to face. That is what we call "effortless beauty". Without any efforts in putting makeups on, right?

                                               " MAKE YOUR FLAWS AWESOME "