Poetry Vocabulary (Mother to Son, Village Blacksmith, Fog)

Raven Slade Core 4
Teacher: Dixon


Definition: made of clear, brilliant glass

Sentence: Molly's parents want a crystal chandelier for their living room.



Definition: tough and strong

Sentence: As I was greeting people a man gave me a sinewy handshake.



Definition: strong and muscular

Sentence: Kirk, a small guy, wanted to become brawny after watching an informercial.



Definition: minister

Sentence: After Sunday school was over, the parson asked me to say a few verses from the Bible to review.



Definition: shaped by hammering

Sentence: Finn wanted a wrought iron sword for his 13th birthday.



Definition: upper legs and hips of an animal

Sentence: When Joan came into her room she saw her pet rabbit, Charlotte, sitting on her haunches looking out at the window.


Flipchart Answers- (also found on my flipchart I submitted)

1. A dog would not sit on its haunches if it were running. If you were a dog you couldn't sit on your legs while running. Though if the dog stop and then sat on its haunches, the acqusition would be correct.

2. I would expect a weight lifter to be brawny. They life weights therefore they would be strong and muscular.

3. I would expect a construction worker to have sinewy hands. They are constantly working with strong machines on a daily basis and use their hands for most of the work.

4. If a glass is made of crystal it is breakable. Since crystal is also glass, it will be easy to break unlike if it were a diamond.

5. A parson would likely be found in church. A parson is a minister and a church needs someone to help preach during the services.

6. If something were wrought, it was made by hammering. The term is described in the second slide and describes wrought, as being shaped by hammering.

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