The Gupta Empire

                           The Gupta Empire began in 320 AD and was started by Chandra Gupta. It was in India, and its predececor was Maurya. India's "golden age" came during the Gupta Empire. A golden age is a time in a culture's history where there is peace and prosperity, and there are many great cultural contributions.

The Gupta Empire gave contributions that people use every day and take for granted. Such contributions as the concept of the number zero (0), our arabic numerals, and the decimal sysytem.

  The capitol of the Gupta Empire was Pataliputra. Also, Gupta today would include parts of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal. The Gupta Empire was run by a monarchy, and their kings usually added a "gupta" to the end of their names. (Srigutpa, Chandragupta, Samudragupta, Skandagupta)


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