By Emma Miars

~Notes from pollution solving video~


-water helps pollution by washing pollution

-river are becoming dangerous because they are polluted

-solutions are creating ways for the water to go straight to the gutters without pollution

- a swail is like a ditch, made to carry water downhill by being slanted down to the gutters

- a water runs down the gutter, the pollution sinks while the water overflows and waters the plants

- improve~ comes from both failures and successes

- pilot program~ first time you do it

Advantages~ you get to test it, by seeing if it worked well or not

In the photos above, it shows our third project, a sidewalk for the windup toy to go across without turning , only going strait. Our plan was to have an absorbent surface on the bottom, sponge, and a nonabsorbent material with holes in it on the sides of it and one large one in the middle. After a while, we got the toy to cross safely by adding cotton balls to the bottom of the nonabsorbent material. Last, we sprayed it with water twenty times and tested to see if the cow went across safely, but it had trouble going up hill because it was so slippery. We decided to add more cotton balls to the middle, so it would be even, sprayed it again and let the windup toy waddle across. this time it went strait. looks like we succeeded!

For the fourth project, we where supposed to make a city and try to protect it's river(which is being filled on the first picture) from being polluted. The way of being polluted in what is shown above is by rain water slipping down the roads and into the river, so our solution was to build a wall that would act like a filter, only letting the water go through. Just incase this water had chemicals in it, the sponges would also filter the water, so the river was only fresh, clean water. When we polluted the city and let it rain, only a small portion of oil(aka green food coloring) leaked out because one of our walls/filters fell down(far right on picture three). For the most part, our solutions worked great! If this had been real, our green space would have been a park with plants that grow from polluted water that goes through a gutter, the pollution sinks to the bottom, and when it over floats with water, the water goes through a pipe that leads to the soil that the plants are in  and provide their water to grow!

I had a great time working on this project with my other classmates and I can't wait to do another project as fun as this one in the future.

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