I'm the Best Explorer

My Induvidules and Societies Project for Mrs. H. :) By Quinn

  I, Domnule Găsiţi Salut Tipule, of Romanian descent am petionioning to King Henry VII for funds to support a trip to North America in the name of England in 1508.(1,2,3, & 4)  I know you are distressed by the War of the League of Cambrai and your finances are low, but I will find you new lands, resources for the war effort, and riches to fill the coffers if you support me.  I will try to find the gold, spices, and other valuable minerals like diamonds that you want.(5)  Also I will search for iron ore for weapons in the war, wood for buildings and arrows, and valuable goods from the natives like beaver skins to sell in Europe to fund the war.(6 &7)  I know a place in the middle of the New World where there are iron ore deposits are along with many natives and forest, that is where we will go.(8)  If we run into Cartier Jacques from France we will be peaceful since they are our allies in the war, but we will defeat the Spanish explorer Pounce de Leon if we get the chance because Spain is our enemy.(9, 11 & 12)  Spain wants gold from the south and Cartier Jacques is just exploring the north, not really looking for resources except some gold if they find it.(10)  We will sail around the place we want to land until we find friendly natives, and by sailing north we will avoid the southern waters that destroy many ships.(12)  We will have to learn how to grow crops from the natives because we won't be able to bring enough food. (11 &12)  The natives will be treated well so we can trade with them.(11)  Pease except this offer, it will benefit us both and you will be remembered as the savior of England.

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