Seven Things You Didn't Need To Know About ME

1. I love taking selfies with my friends. And laughing with them. Also we are always talking.

Best frands😊😘

2. I love going on Instagram and Snapchat. And I go on it every day. And I am obsessed with it.

3. I love to bounce on the tramp. And do tricks on the tramp. I especially like doing front handsprings.

5. I like to do gymnastic sort of things. I practice a lot at home to get better. And its really fun.

6. I have 2 pets. I have a golden labrador called Buzz. And a ragdoll cat called Coco.

7. My favourite song is four five seconds. It is by Rihanna Kanye West and Paul McCarteny. I like it because it has got a good tune.

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