Civil War

How was Texas involved in the Civil War?

In your notebook, add the following assignment to your Table of Contents: Civil War Tackk.  Be sure to include the date and the page number.

In your notebook, answer the following questions.

1.  What was the only city with paved roads?

2.  What was the only other city of any size?

3.  Immigrants from where were trying to build a community in the Hill Country?

4.  How many Texans were slaves?

5.  What was the most striking feature of life in Texas?

6.  How many stagecoach lines operated in Texas?

7.  What three things did the stagecoach lines transport?

8.  How are most Texans defined in this article?

9.  Go to and write the definition of the word "utopian".

10.  Write the definition of the word "isolation".

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