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A lot of firsts are happening today... It's the first day that I will not be going to high school to teach. It's the first day I will be teaching at a university. It's the day of PhD class.... #TodayIsTheFitstDayOfTheRestOf YourLife

My favorite song is...wait a sec....why have one favorite when you can have two?

Married to Jazmin

Hanging with this beautiful woman today! #LifeIsGood

Dad to a son Roan and two beautiful girls Maerin and Madigan

Serious hat fun in Hobby Lobby!!

I don't watch much television, but when I do - like Dr. Who!

Favorites sports are college football and soccer!

Its hard to pick a favorite movie - so lets just go with Star Wars!!  Or maybe Indiana Jones, wait, what about Lord of the Rings?  Matrix is really good.  Hobbit was pretty enjoyable, maybe how about Brave or Braveheart? Shoot, this is tough...

Before coming to OSU I was a high school math teacher.  I spent 18.5 years working with high school students!  It was really, really fun!


Made great math videos with my partner in crime....literally.

@kstev320 - Are we in Gotham City? @haselwoodmath - Naw… #oklaed #FUN #Camtasia #flipclass

Also spent a lot of time on the sideline of a soccer field, I really did miss this!!  And the game we won just before this picture was taken - EPIC!!


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