Introduction: Have you heard of army, well this informational text will bring you one step closer to knowing army.


What are guns? Guns are something that you hold and shoot. Guns protect us against enemies there are many types of guns Lmg (Light Machine Gun) makes you run faster. Smg (Sub Machine Gun) is a gun that’s not going to do a whole lot of damage. And Assault Rifles are the ones that do a lot of damage.


In the army vehicles are important in wars There are five most common vehicles Bomber, Jeep, Attack Helicopter, Hind and Tank The Hind is good for some demolition. The Jeep is good for off-roading. Bomber is good for lots of destruction. Tank is awesome for blowing up enemy vehicles and Attack Helicopter is awesome for killing bad guys.


Jammer blocks enemy signal. Motion Sensor captures enemy motion. Heartbeat Sensor captures where the enemy Equipment

Tear Gas makes you lose a bit of vision. Concussion stuns you. Flash bang flashes you. C4 blows up.

By: Quinn