a  visit in April

by, Cathy Onsi

Japan basic info

Official language is Japanese, and the official religions are Shinto and Buddhism. Japan is also a beautiful and very traditional country. In certain towns they stores where you can buy objects to follow their traditions and be part of them.  Japan also has  many beautiful buildings. Many things make Japan unighe

Japan's weather

April is the best time to visit Japan. During the day the weather is nice.
Japan's April weather in different spots

  • Sapporo's day weather averages 63 degrees farenhight
  • Tokyo's day weather averages 64 degrees farenhight
  • Naha's day weathers avrege is 75 degrees farenhight

   The other spots are in between. The night weater is in between 66-32.

Japans map

Japan is a island by Korea. Japans capital is Tokyo.  Tokyo 844 square miles. Tokyo/Japan also has its own Disney land. 

Tokyo also holds the Tokyo Tower.  it is similar to the Eifle tower in shape and design. The Tokyo tower is 333meters high, and its the highest  self-supporting  steel tower . It was built in 1958.

Yufuin is a popular town in Japan. It is differnt from all the others.  The main streats in the towns are full of cafes, musames, and boutiques. It is also well known for its hot springs. Shoya no Yakata is a very nice hot spring, to pay for a day time vist is 700 yen, 7 dollors in a USA dollar. its 26,ooo per person per night with two meals. this Resort is best known for its large out door gender seprated baths. it also has bluish water which is untipacle for Yufuin.

In Kyoto is the famous Golden Temple. It was first built in 1397, it was built for a retired   Shogun.  After time the Shoguns son turned it into a Zen temple. The temple was burnt and repaired two times. In the 50s a monk burned it to the ground and the Temple was rebuilt.  

Hirosaki castle holds one of the  best cherry blossems festicals in Japan.  If you vist in the spring the blossms will be in full bloom. Plenty of tree's fill the roads with beautiful color and smell. 

Japan's food tends to be very traditional. Many dishes are based off rice. Sushi, rice balls also known as Ongii, and other dishes. They also eat food that comes from different countries near by like fried rice that comes from china is found In Japan often.  It also contains lots of fish.

anime and manga

Anime and Manga is another thing Japan is known for, and no its not a comic book and a cartoon.  Manga is the book while Anime is the show.  Some very popular ones are Sailor moon, Dragon ball Z and Avatar the last air bender. My personal favorites are Fruits Basket, Soul eater, and black butler. Anime and manga is most poplar in Japan. For fun if you really love the anime or manga you can cosplay. Cosplay is when you dress up as a character. For exsample I could say Halloween is cosplay day.

the toltal cost is around 7,230 dollars. 1500 for a round trip. 4620 for two weeks at nice holtels. around 560 for meals. travel troughout the country is around 500 dollors.

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