The role of assessment in teaching and learning.

There are three different types of assessments that can influence teaching and learning. A new teacher assessment is how a teacher’s work is assessed. A teacher’s academic and classroom performance is continually evaluated by other professionals and supervisors. Usually when a teacher applies for a job he or she is observed teaching in an academic environment where they are assessed on teaching methods and classroom management strategies. Student assessments are how a teacher assesses students’ learning; the teacher’s can also evaluate their own effectiveness and teaching strategies. Teachers can assess how each student learns and provide grades and report cards on the student’s progress. Student self assessments is how students participate in their own assessment process. It is best when students are actively involved in their own evaluations. Student involvement in learning is an important way for students to be committed to school.

Digital teaching portfolios.

Throughout their career teachers will be evaluated on their teaching, this is why teachers develop a digital portfolio. This portfolio is a collection of a teacher’s educational and professional materials that are stored away in an electronic format. This portfolio is very useful because teachers can see how in the course of time their teaching styles grow and develop. Videos, power points, and other materials can also be stored in this portfolio which can aid in future classes. As future teachers this is a great help for us since we will able to access our material at anytime. It also allows teachers to share educational material for the same teaching subject. Digital teaching portfolios are a great advantage of technology in education allowing educators to see and update their teaching style and development.

Involving students in learning and assessments.

As a teacher it is also important to have an open mind and allow students to have and opinion on what they want to learn and how they want to learn it. By allowing students to have an opinion in the decision making they might feel more motivated to complete their class work and homework. Having this partnership is beneficial to both teachers and students because they can research and ask questions together, thus creating a more involved classroom where students are interested about their own learning and progress. As future teachers we want to see our students involved in their learning. We also want to see our students focused on performance and giving the best of them selves in school.

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