Bird Flu #SJSreports  Gianna

The bird flu was found on a farm in Iowa's Osceola County. This is a very deadly H5N2 bird flu virus. 3.8 million hens must be killed in Iowa because they are contaminated with this awful disease. Seven states in the midwest have been effected by this flu, 6.3 million chicken and turkeys since March. Scientists believe that once the weather gets warmer the virus will die down. When birds receive this disease, they die quickly. After the birds die, farmers compost the dead because the heat could possibly stop the disease from spreading.

This is a video that talks about the effect of this disease and to reassure people that people are safe and that they won't be affected from the disease.  

This is a woman who loves her duck that has the disease.

These are dead birds that are taken to become composted.

This picture shows dead birds getting planted into the ground.

This is a chicken getting checked for the virus.

This picture shows the birds being taken to a farm to be composted.

This picture shows the dead birds being taken away.

This map represents where the bird flu is in the United States.