What is a Tornado?

A tornado is a high powered spinning column of wind that can cause mass amounts of destruction.

How Does a Tornado Forms?

Tornadoes can form any time of the year and they start out as two different fronts (wind) and when a cold front (cold and dry wind) and a warm front (warm and moist wind) with two different speeds. This can occur during a thunderstorm where both those fronts are but it is only when two different thunderstorms at two different speeds with two different temperatures can create a tornado. When these fronts combine it creates a unstable cloud and that cloud is called a funnel cloud because it is in the shape of a funnel and the funnel is spinning and growing til it touches the ground and spins in any direction it wants causing mass destruction.    

Biggest Tornadoes Ever in the U.S

The biggest and most terrifying tornado was on Wednesday, March 18, 1925 it went over 3 states in the U.S and lasted over 7 hours the destruction was massive and the repairs took $1.4 billion this tornado was called the Tri-State Tornado. It also killed over 695 people. Another terrifying tornado was the 2013 Moore Tornado on the afternoon of May 20, 2013 it went through 2 states in the U.S but the repairs cost $2 billion. The 2013 Moore tornado also killed 24 people and injuring 377 others.

Human Impact

Human impact means what have we the humans done to protects or try to protect ourselves from tornadoes. To try to protect ourselves from tornadoes have built underground rooms where we can take cover from a tornado called basements. In out towns or cities to Alert us that a Tornado is coming is we have put big Sirens the are turned on for all to hear to tell us to take cover. Another way is to have a radio or TV on because they will alert us with warnings to take cover as well. scientists such as meteorologists are people who can tell the weather with different to tools. A way meteorologists can tell if there will be a tornado is if there is a severe thunderstorm then they might decide to put out a warning on TV or on the Radio if they think that it might be serious.     



This is Just some of the damge the Tri-State Tornado caused
This is a picture of a tornado froming

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