How to escape of Thunder Bay... without airplane or car.

Last day of March and I was starting my long stay in Canada with my wife. After an exhausted flight, my suspicions were confirmed. Just we arrived at Toronto Pearson International Airport, the officer of immigration asked me: “Where do you go?”, Thunder Bay was the answer. The face of the officer change suddenly. “So far this place, and the winter, terrible”, he said. I knew that, but heard it in English was more shocking.

Now, almost four months living here, the officer and his comments are a reality. Thunder Bay is a lot of kilometers far away of another interesting city. The most important cities “close to Thunder Bay” are Winnipeg, 708 kilometers, and Toronto just 1.389.9 kilometres from here, approximately. In this case, for a student with a scholarship that has enough to live but not to travel on plain, there are four options: biking, buses, train or fall into depression.

First, biking is a great option to know places relatively close to this city. Kakabeka Falls, 60 km round trip, is possible to do almost in 2 hours. The road is safe, without extreme physical exigent. The reward is a second highest waterfall of Ontario, surrounded by accessible trials and picnic areas. In the same bike you can ride to Chippewa Park. This place is located in the part south of the city, through easy 15 kilometres. You can find picnic areas, a wildlife park, and a food concession situated in the corner of the main area. The principal attraction is the beautiful view of the Lake Superior.

Kakabeka Falls

After that, we have the second option: buses. Greyhound is the company that covers many places across Canada. For example, a trip from Thunder Bay to Toronto can takes almost 22 hours and costs around 300 CAD, purchased in advance. Maybe these 22 hours is a good time to think how to learn to walk again.

Finally, we have a romantic and old way to travel: train. There are two companies, Via Rail Canada and Ontario Northland, with different destinations each one. The first offers trips across the principal cities of Canada, in other words, the coast to coast. But, we do not forget that the starting point is Thunder Bay. If you want to get on the train, you would travel, by bus, until Sioux Lookout, just 378 kilometres from here.

Destinations of Via Rail Canada