• My project prompt was to create a logo to feature in my video game on scratch.
  • I created a logo using only a square and triangles.
  • I planned to do this logo because I drew it a while ago when I was bored sitting on the couch.
  • I made it because I now feel that it is my personal logo that represents me. I am featuring it after every game I create on scratch.


  • The process I used to complete my project was by making the center square and one triangle proportioned to the size of the square. I copied the triangle, put them on different sides, and changed the colors.
  • I had trouble creating the triangles.
  • I finally figured out that I had to go to star and click three sided shape to create a triangle.


  • I would make it cooler and add multiple levels that get harder.
  • What I liked most was that I made an original logo that I can practically use for anything.
  • I would add four more triangles in the areas where the current triangles vertices meet.

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So awesome Bruh

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