why the WORLD needs GOOD PEOPLE???

BY: KeySean James

Progression is caused by good people in this world. For example the famous scientist who created the polio vaccine names Salk Jonas. The world needs good people because they will make and create success.

Good people will lead to progression when there are new advancements in technology. This makes life around the world a hundred percent more easier and things will take less work to do for the job to be done. Maybe these advancements will have people live on other planets or even most of all cure cancer. Progression solves issues and good people cause progression.

The world needs good people to educate the young. These kids and teens then will know what they want to do in life and change the world. This is how good people are created. Also good people could change the literacy rate in the world and increase its percent to the fullest.  

Others may think good people are cons to the  world but sometimes that's true because you have military soldier's telling other countries classified information. I think we all know that's bad but it is extremely rare to see those situations happen. Even if that occurs we have good people to stop that from happening.

I believe we need good people in this world because they are roll models, lead to progression, make success, and so many other reasons. This makes the world a better place. Good people are the ones I appreciate the most and the smallest things they do. The world should keep its sacrum stances in order by keeping kids in school to create good people and so far its working.


KeySean James


1505 Watson Rd



I would like to become an architect in design with a Masters Degree and I would want my architect designs over seas in other countries. I want make my own architect business.


2005-2009 Coats Elementary School

2010-2011 Forest Heights Middle School

2012-2014 Sun Ridge Middle School

2014-          El dorado 9th grade academy

Accomplishments: Student council, perfect Attendance, Science award, Track Medals

Experience: Worked at a tobacco farm during the summer



Do what I am told by my uncle/boss

Skills: Creative, Responsible, Good Customer Service, Sales Man, Persuader.


Letter Of Recommendation

Dear Foot Locker,

I would like to recommend a hard working friend of mine named Nazier Burne to work for this store. He is experienced in shoe stores such as Journeys and Rack Room Shoes. Nazier is a good persuader and has a lot of experience with sales man. He is a good motivator and can make everyone look good in a shoe. The best characteristic of him is multi-tasking and customer service skills. He will know the store inside and out. So why not accept his appliance to this job.

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