DIY HOWTO MAKE: Crayon Lipstick

   Woah, woah, whoah, hold on you are making crayon lipstick?!?!? What the heck! Yes you see my headline correctly. Aren't they toxic? Hello? It's called reading the Crayola box. Not all crayons are non-toxic so I advise using Crayola. Crayons are made with paraffin wax and non toxic pigments so don't worry geez! This DIY is easy to do like super easy. Benefits are that it is really cheap you can buy a box of crayons for under 5 bucks depending on where you live and shop, you can make any color, this is great to do with your BFFs when they are over, and when it's time for Halloween you don't have to spend all of your money going to Sephora. See this is amazing! And when your mad at your younger sibling take revenge by taking their crayons. MUWAHAHA!!!!  

Stuff you will need

You won't need to much stuff so here they are!

  • Crayons (preferably Crayola if not check the box)
  • Containers
  • Coconut oil or Vaseline (you can put both but you need to have at least one)
  • Vitamin E gel pill (optional)
  • A heating source or oven
  • A large pot
  • A small bowl
  • measuring spoons
  • paper towels to clean up just in case of a spill
  • A spoon to stir with

That's all! Some people use beeswax but you don't have to if you want you can research a little more for some other vids but I'll have one in the bottom. Check on YouTube and you will get a lot of vids!

Step #1

     First up you will need to peel the paper off the crayon. Honestly this is hardest part. Seems easy  but after this you will probably hate peeling crayons. A tip is when peeling pull down sometimes and then you will be left with a big rip down the paper and if you pull the top of the rip the pointing part it will take a lot out or the paper will slide off. Sometimes it might not work but it will most of the time.

Step #2

    Fill your pot with water maybe about an inch (PS your bowl should at least be 3 in tall or above the water by a few cm.). Put your small bowl in the pot and make sure no water is in it! If so use a towel but keep it for later unless it is completely soaked. Put a 1/4 of a teaspoon or 1/2 of coconut oil into the small bowl, if you want a more glossy look try a little more. Other people used 1/4 or 1/2 of a tablespoon but use what best suites you. Turn on the stovetop and put your pot on it. Set the heat to Medium-Low heat and watch the oil melt or Vaseline.

Step #3

   Now that has melted break your crayons into either 1/4s or 1/3s and put them in. If wanted you can mix other colors and make your own lipstick color, it doesn't have to be the same color. As the crayons melt with the coconut oil/ Vaseline stir with  your spoon constantly if not it will not melt properly and end up chunky.

Step #4

  Everything is now melted and pure liquid. No? Then GO BACK! Okay now, since it is melted pour the crayon into the container quickly. It will harden quickly especially in the winter which was when I did it and it solidified almost immediately. When you pour it in it should have hardened fast and you should now use it. WRONG! After you filled up the container wait 10 hours or be your usual lazy self and toss it in the freezer for 10 minutes don't over do it because then it will pretty much become a rock, nobody wants that. Once done use it to your full intent! If it is smooth you did it right and should be easy to dip your finger into. But if the crayon is tough, wait for a bit or try re-heating it with a hair dryer its your choice! You have now made crayon lipstick honestly if I were you right now I would bask in the glory of how smart I am.



This is perfect for holidays, concerts, plays, etc.... You also give this to people as gifts and if so try using a scent during step #2 like vanilla extract or flavoring so they won't think you were trying to kill them with a crayon. Also you can use this as cream blush and maybe eye shadow but I'm not really sure.