Chocolate is Good for You! :)

We all love eating chocolate, but now it will put a bigger smile on our face.

Did you know that there is a chemical called phenylethylamine in cocoa, which supposedly stimulates the same reaction as falling in love?

Here are 3 reasons explaining why chocolate is good for you:

1. Chocolate can help lower blood pressure - Flavanols found in cocoa beans can help stimulate blood vessels to dilate. A study of 850 healthy participants found that chocolate had a small but significant effect on lowering blood pressure in the short term.

2. Chocolate can actually help to keep you smart - Recent studies show that chocolate is able to help an ageing brain. Elderly participants who received high flavanol chocolate drinks had improved mental performance after 8 weeks.

3. Chocolate can help protect against heart attacks and strokes - Research found that people consuming the most chocolate had a 37% lower risk of heart diseases and a 29% lower risk of strokes than those who consumed less chocolate.

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