Script from Creon and Sentry

Sentry: Oh my gosh King Creon, you won't believe what just happen. I don't even know why I am telling you this, it just feels right although it doesn't. I know you will get to know about this anyway, so I think it is better if I just tell you...
Creon: Just go to the point Sentry.
Sentry: You need to know though, I didn't do it!
Creon: Just tell me what happened Sentry!
Sentry: Ok, Ok... Somebody... Buried Polyneices.
Creon: Who dared to do that?
Sentry: First of all, it wasn't me! I got there, and the body was under the dry, perfect ordered dirt. No sign of anyone being there, no track no steps no nothing! The body was just a little bit buried, but enough to be a proper burial, where it can find peace with the gods. There was no sign of animals either. We all started accusing each other, and everyone had a reliable excuse and when we where about to get fighting, we thought... Who is going to tell Creon about it? So we role the dice and the bad luck came to me, that is why I am here bringing you the bad news.
Choragos: Creon, you know, maybe the gods did this?Creon: Wait, what! The gods? Are you out of your mind! Seriously. He was a traitor, he betrayed this nation. Why would the gods help a traitor!? It does not make any sense. I knew this, the people that do not like me have payed. This is part of the process to get me out of the throne. They have bribed my guards and turned them against me! This is money's fault, they all fall with money. It is demoralizing! Look Sentry, if you do not bring me the man who did this, believe, you are going to regret it!
Sentry: May I please?
Creon: Your voice makes me sick.
Sentry: Is it me or your conscience that makes you sick?
Creon: God wants to test me.
Sentry: That is not what I said, but what was done really hurt you.
Creon: Too much talking.
Sentry: I am just telling you the problem.
Creon: You were also sold for some coins.
Sentry: It really stinks when the right person to understand does not understand.
Creon: You may entertain yourself but if you do not bring me the man, there will be little place for entertainment.
Sentry: (alone) Bring him the man, I would bring it to him if he wants to, but it is to dangerous. I am leaving.

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Excellent job in writing and in content. Well done!