The Seven Themes of
Catholic Social Teaching
By: Travis

Life And Dignity Of The Human Person

Don't hurt others even people you don't like. Don't fight over problems, figure out the answer peacefully. Don't create weapons or things to kill others . Figure out ways to heal others. Except for killing the evil find a way to make them change their minds about crime.

Call To Family, Community, And Participation.

All people in society and economic laws should so they can be fair for everyone.  

Description of how this organization works to promote justice in this area of life.

Call To Family, Community, And Participation

All humans have the right to have food, water, clothes, and shelter. For ones that don't, we should help them.

Option For The Poor And Vulnerable

We should help others out who are poor and don't have what others don't have what others have.

The Dignity Of Work And Rights Of Workers

Workers need to be safe conditions to be protected because they are God's creation. They need to be paid fairly.


Everybody should't be judged on where they're from, what they look like, and what god they worship.

Care For God's Creation

We must care for God's creations by helping out the environment and taking care of Earth. We must also respect each other.