Which kitchen would you prefer to get your food from? let me guess the clean one right?

A video on how to wash your hands.

Hand maintenance

You should make sure your finger nails aren't too long

Open cuts should be cleaned and covered with an band aid

Hygiene in the kitchen?

Hygiene can be important in many categories such as:

-Food contamination (how to prevent food contamination)

-Personal cleanliness and work attire

-Bare hand contact

Bare hands on ready to eat food can increase the risk of contaminating it. gloves, tongs, deli tissue cn help keep food safe by creating a barrier between your hands and the food.

-Work requirements to illness

depending on the illness they might not be able to work around the food examples sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, jaundice, and any type of food borne illness should be sent home.

how to use gloves correctly??

never use gloves in place of washing hands

wash hands before putting gloves on

make sure the glove fits shouldn't be too loose or too tight

never rinse, wash, and reuse gloves

gloves should be changed as soon as they become dirty

Good Personal Cleanliness- Good personal hygiene is a really important thing to keep up because there are pathogens that can be found in hair and skin.

Work Attire- Perfect attire for work should consist of your hair covered, clean clothes everyday, aprons if handling food, and no jewlrey.

So now that you know the importance about hygiene then how about try it at home and everywhere. Also be careful in what you eat and where it's from.



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