Reconnecting with Technology

Day 1

Two Truths and a Lie

   Create a slide on this presentation that includes:

        1.  Your Full Name
       2.  Two Truths and a Lie

Introduction to SAMR

SAMR Exploration

This activity has been modified from Lisa Johnson's Exploring the Evolution of SAMR activity which can be found on this TACKK.

  • Step 1: Explore the Various Models in the SAMR below
  • Step 2: Be Ready to Discuss and Reflect using the SEE/THINK/WONDER Visible Thinking Framework


  • What do you SEE?
  • What do you THINK about that?
  • What does it make you WONDER?

Just jot your notes down on a piece of paper.


SAMR Model credit can be found here.

Pair Share

  1. With a partner, share your SEE/THINK/WONDER
  2. Share your top 3 observations on this padlet.

Let's Play the SAMR Game!

  1. Navigate to
  2. Instructor will share the the game pin
  3. Have fun!

Additional Resources

As you watch the video below, share any thoughts, questions, agreements, disagreements, etc. you may have with the speaker here.

The sound is a little wonky, but the message is good.

Click here to download the Digital Citizenship Challenge Book and open in iBooks.

How do you stay current in todays Educational trends?

Why Share?


Based on the Educators PLN, choose a tool that you want to explore more.  This will be how you share your homework.

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