Mickey Mouse Platy

By: Nicolas Crossing and AJ Kennedy

This right here is a Mickey Mouse Platy. It is a very peaceful animal and it is very suitable for a community tank. They can live up to five year. Its minimum tank size is 10 gallons. The platy is an omnivore which eats both plants and meat. It is very easy to take care of so it would be a good choice if you are looking for a pet fish. The origin of this fish is in Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico.

This is the gravel that we chose for our fish tank. We had to use 6 bags of gravel to do the bottom of our tank. This gravel is 2 inches thick and the volume of our gravel was 600 inches.

Blue Sea Gravel
Roman Ruins

This is one of the decorations we used and it costs $55 dollars.

Craggy Sea Rock

This was the other decoration that's we used for our tank and it was $40 dollars.

Small ized Tank

The dimensions of the tank are 30" L, 10" D, and 14" H.  The volume of this tank is 4,200 and there are 31,500 gallons inside of the tank.

Itemized Budget

This is where all of our money was spent

Also the equation for the amount of fish we had is 10a=$10.00

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