Christina Ferrante, attorney at law - Protecting the Environment

Christina Ferrante, attorney at law, is a respected member of her community. She is respected for the high level of professionalism she commits herself to, as well as the level of regard she holds for the law. She, in turn, respects her community back. She is a big believer in the merits of community service and she also takes great pride in looking after the environment.

Her belief in preserving the environment is founded on the beauty of nature and her duty to uphold this beauty so future generations can experience it as well. She is well-aware that future generations are as dependent upon the fruits of the earth as she is. Unfortunately, some of the earth's most treasured resources are being used for consumption at a rate that does not account for future generations in the equation.

Christina Ferrante, attorney at law, is understanding of this rapid rate of development in the world, because she knows it is being fueled to meet the needs and wants of the current population of the world. She does not wish to provide for future generations at the expense of current generations being forced into poverty. However, she does believe that a compromise can be made in society in which the environment is utilized in a more conservative manner.

Formerly, Christina Ferrante, attorney at law, served as the environmental chairperson of a Sierra Club chapter. She is well-aware of the myriad voices that are being heard in the current environmental debate. She hopes that talks are conducted with respect to all parties involved.

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