Moon Presentation By: Spencer Brown

The Different Moon Phases...

Where my observations were mainly taken...

Section 1 Earth In Space

How Does Earth Move In Space?

The Earth moves in space because of REVOLUTION and ROTATION.

Rotation- Is the spinning of Earth on its AXIS. Takes one day.

Revolution- The movement of an object around another. Takes a year and one fourth of a day.

What causes the cycles of the seasons on Earth?

Earth's seasons are caused by the side of Earth that you live ons position towards the Sun. Therefore if your side of Earth is facing the Sun then it is summer but if your side of the earth is facing away from the Sun then it is winter for you and summer for the other half of the world.

Section 2 Gravity and Motion

What determines the strength of the force of gravity between two objects?

The strength of the force of gravity between two objects is affected by both mass and distance.  Mass effects this because the greater the mass the more force.  Distance effects this because the greater the distance between the two objects the less force between them.

What two factors combine to keep the moon and Earth in orbit?

The two factors that keep Earth and the Moon in orbit are inertia and gravity.  Inertia helps keep them in orbit because the Moon is pulled towards the Earth so inertia takes effect and resists the Moon being flung into the Earth.  Gravity effects the Moon and Earths orbit because since Earth is larger the Moon is attracted towards it so that prevents the Moon from moving in a straight line.

Section 3 Phases, Eclipses, and Tides

What causes the phases of the Moon?

The phases of the Moon are caused by the changes in the positions of the Sun, Earth and the Moon.  Since the Moon orbits the Earth we see different sections of the Moon at different angles.  So in conclusion the phase of the moon we see depends on the amount of the sunlit side of the Moon is facing Earth at that time.

What are Lunar and Solar eclipses?

A Lunar eclipse is when Earth completely blocks any sunlight from hitting the Moon and there are two types a total Lunar eclipse and a Partial Lunar eclipse.  A Solar eclipse occurs when the Moon completely blocks any sunlight from reaching the Earth.

What causes the tides?

The tides are caused by the differences in how much the Moon's gravity pulls to different parts of Earth.  When the Moon is closest to a certain place it causes the high tide.  The low tide occurs between the two high tides.

Section 4 Earth's Moon

What features are found on the Moon?

There are many cool features that are found on the Moon.  One feature is called a Maria.  A Maria is a huge piece of hardened rock that formed billions of years ago, they sort of look like a dark ocean.  Another feature found on the Moon is a crater.  Craters are caused by meteorites that have crashed into the Moon over billions of years.  One more feature are the highlands which are lighter spaces on the Moon showing they are mountains.

What are some characteristics of the Moon?

The Moon has many cool characteristics.  One characteristic is that the Moon is 3,476 kilometers in diameter which is a little less then the United States diameter.  Another cool fact is that temperatures on the Moon go from 266° Fahrenheit during the day to -356° Fahrenheit at night.  The Moon has no liquid water on it what so ever.  But there is evidence that there was water on the poles of the Moon.

How did the Moon form?

There are many possible theories on how the Moon was formed.  The best theory was a theory that says when the Earth was young a smaller piece of rock crashed into Earth and caused debris to fly everywhere around the Earth.  Over time all of the debris was pulled together to form the Moon.

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