ABC27 News- Body found in Lebanon County Home

On Tuesday night a woman was found dead inside of her Lebanon County home. The body was discovered after the police conducted a well-being check on the person that lives inside of the home. After the discovering of the body police called the Neversink Fire Department and Annville Cleona Fire Department. At this time police are still working on finding the cause of her death. The author of this story was Amanda Peterson on May 5, 2015, 3:32 pm. Before reading into this article I heard this story on the news and thought this source was important because we live in Lebanon Country and the situation happened near us. I believe this article was geared towards the community as a whole and made to inform use. I trust this source to be reliable because ABC27 covers Lebanon County and is the main source of news for this particular area.

Penn-live Article

On Tuesday Night, the corner was called into a home on the first block of Maple Street for a "hazmat incident". The identity of the victim has not been released although the death of the victim seems to be natural.  The Lebanon County Coroner could not be reached for comment. The author of this story was Barbara Miller on Tuesday night. I hear about the death on the news that evening and had some what prior knowledge as to what the situation was about. I think that this source is very reliable because it is focused around Lebanon County and often creates articles for our school such as sports articles. This article is geared towards the media and citizens within this area. It is important to know about local news around us so we can stay informed.

Lebanon Daily Newspaper

Authorities are investing a death in North Cornwall Township late afternoon Tuesday. The police were sent to the home to conduct a well-being check on the person, whose gender was not released, and found the body inside of the Lebanon home Due to the deplorable conditions hazmat teams were sent in to extract the body from the home. The cause of death at this time has not be determined at this time. This article was written by the Lebanon Daily News and updated today. I knew about this incident by it being on the news an reading the other two articles on it. This is important to be to be a concerned and aware citizen as to what is happening in my county. This newspaper is for everyone to hear and about what is going on. I trust this source because it is the Lebanon Newspaper that gets sent out to the whole county.


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