Career Cluster Research

Peyton Purkey

Health Science

Planning Managing and preforming therapeutic services.

Bright Outlook

Physical Therapists, is expected to grow rapidly and is projected to have large numbers of job openings

  • Nuclear Medicine Physicians, is projected to have large numbers of job openings and is a new and emerging occupation
  • High Wages

    Physical therapist $38.96 hourly, $81,030 annual

    Nuclear Medicine Physician $90.00+ hourly, $187,200+ annual

    Green Careers

    - Occupational Health and Safety Specialists This is a Green Increased Demand occupation — green economy activities and technologies are likely to increase the employment demand, but will not lead to significant changes in the work and worker requirements.

    Environmental Scientists and Specialists, Including Health Sample of reported job titles: Environmental Analyst, Environmental Health and Safety Specialist, Environmental Programs Specialist, Environmental Protection Specialist, Environmental Scientist, Environmental Specialist, Hazardous Substances Scientist, Registered Environmental Health Specialist (REHS), Research Environmental Scientist, Senior Environmental Scientist

    Academic Requirements

    Physical Therapist

    39 Master's degree

    37 Doctoral degree

    8 Bachelor's degree

    Impact of Technology

    information technology is transforming the nature of health sciences information and its management, thereby altering the traditional responsibilities of health sciences librarians. As a result, the traditional educational preparation for librarianship is no longer entirely relevant, and there is a real possibility that information management will be taken over by individuals with different educational backgrounds and skills. This paper explores four topics relevant to this issue: the emergence of new forms of health sciences information, the impact of technology on the practice of health sciences librarianship, the interaction of technology and the practice of health sciences librarianship, and the relationship among these three topics and the educational preparation of health sciences librarians.

    Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs

    1. Enlisted Military Personnel Median salary: $29,000

    very year more than 180,000 people enlist in the armed forces. Nearly another 20,000 become officers. Both enlisted and officer careers provide rewarding experiences, educational and training benefits, and competitive compensation.

    2. Military general

    Median salary: $196,000

    Within the U.S. Army, generals are at the top of the chain of command. Within the Army general officer community are four ranks of progressively higher authority. They start at the brigadier level (one star) and top out at general itself (four stars). In between are the ranks of major general and lieutenant general. The Army commands they lead and the responsibilities they have are commensurate with their pay grade.

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