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Here are the things that I find entertaining and fun. :) #curleesclass2015

This is the logo for my swim team, competitive swimming is my main sport.

I love to listen to creepy pastas , aka stories that are made try and scare you, while I'm doing homework, playing online with friends, or drawing.This one is my favorite.

My cousin, Viviana, took me to Disney World and since then we've bonded a lot.

This is a game me and Vivina both like. We have never been this close until this game came out.

I started to like this game mostly because my interest in "scary" things. (hence, my love for creepy pastas) I entertain myself with stories people come up with to plug in the mysteries this game has to offer.

If you clicked the button above (hint, hint) you know another game I also enjoy! I am very social while playing this game and enjoy playing the different mini-games everyone has to offer.

I call this good music^^^. My older brother used to play these kinds of songs every morning before school, so I started to like I more than he did.Three Days Grace became my favorite band, thanks to him, along with others.

This is my vine account^^ I talk with my MC friends on here mostly.

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