Venus fly trap and the housefly

Ashlyn Williford  Core 3

Parasitism is a symbiotic relationship where one organism benefits (parasite) and the other (host) is harmed.

The Venus flytrap benefits in the relationship because it digest the housefly to survive, causing the fly to harmed

Venus flytrapa are found in swamps or wet areas, some are found in the Carolina coasts.

Scientific names

Housefly: Diptera

Venus flytrap: Dionaea muscipula

Other information

The traps on the Venus flytrapdo not live forever. Each trap can only digest three to five meals, and if the insect is larger, may only be able to consume one bug. It can only close about 10 times before losing its ability to snap shut. After it loses its trapping ability, it sits on the plant for another two or three months performing photosynthesis.

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