Cleveland Cavaliers

Trade for Josh Smith!

Power Forward | McEachern/Oak Hill Academy HS | 27

Great shooter, strong down low and would be perfect with Tristan Thompson! One of the best defenders in the game too.

  • Height: 6'9
  • Weight: 225 lbs
  • 15.3 PPG
  • 2.1 BPG

Josh Smith, a great All-Around player. He is the best big man defender in the NBA, in my opinion. Josh is very aggressive and is a good teammate as we have seen over the past. Also he does not get injured often.

In my opinion, Josh Smith could help us make a great playoff run! Dan Gilbert, its up to you though, you are the greatest owner in sports and I will be happy with any choice you make, but even happier if it's my choice!! We could finish the celebration with the video at the bottom on the big screen!

NBA Comparison: PF/C: Chris Bosh/ Dwight

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