Jesse Illig

My name is Jesse I live in lake city PA. I am a big steam punk guy. I like to ride my three wheeler. I also like to play different games on my laptop. I also want to go in to the army as a armed truck driver.

Army tank driver

When I am 17 I am want to go in to the army as a tank driver. It is an easy job that i can do when i just get in in to the military. I want to go to boot camp before my 12th grade year. so that way I can just go in to after high school.


I want to get in to getting and building my own computer for gaming. My most favorite company is ASUS. They are a good company for gaming they make many mother boards that work great as a work and gaming computer.  

Three wheeling

I am into three wheeling. my dad got this Yamaha 225 shift for 400$ and I am trying to pay him for it but we have fun riding the trails by my house. The wheeler is a race its fast.


Joining the army

I want to join the army.     I am going to go to boot camp when I am 17. So that way I can go when I am out of high school. I want to go to in as a tank driver

building my home

My goal is to get a 40 by 20 shed put solar panels on top. Put in geothermal heat. Move to North Carolina  and have an acor or two of land with a propane tank on the property.

going to collage

My goal is once i am out of the army i will go to collage and get my degree in environmental science. Hopefully I will have money from the army to go to collage.

I want to go to Germany

I want to go to Germany so I can see the place were WW2 started. I would like to see the county area of the country. And I want to get my heritage.

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