Hey, Brother...


Watch Party: Sunday, May 26th
Time: TBD

Grab a frozen banana, hop on your Segway or get in your stair-car & head on over to watch the new season of Arrested Development. Netflix is releasing the whole season May 26th (available at 12:01 AM PDT) and we're hosting an all-you-can-eat up watch party.

The Business Model

15 episodes. 30 minutes each. We have a Solid As A Rock 7+ hours of Bluth madness. So we'll be starting promptly at TBD am.

Let Yourself In

"Oh, right... Like the guy in the $4000 suit is gonna open the door for the guy that doesn't make that in three months. COME ON!!"

We'll have plenty of giant juice boxes, perhaps some illusions between episodes and definitely NO TOUCHING!

"This party is gonna be off the hook"

Let the Final Countdown Begin!

Featuring "POOF" Magazine's #1 Illusionist!