Summer 2014

Stella Olander

My summer was a little bit different than usual, I went to Europe. Of course I also swam, camped, and hung out with friends but Europe was definitely the highlight of my summer.  I went to three countries in Europe, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. Germany was an adventure country with hikes, war memorials, and a great roller coaster. Switzerland, was gorgeous. With the Alps, and the meadows and the chalets on the rolling hills. The top of the Alps was an even different experience. Snow capped mountains, glaciers, and mountain top lakes. I also went to Italy one of the most visited countries in Europe. The Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Colosseum, and The David by Michelangelo. Traveling to foreign countries is important not only because it's thrilling, but because it teaches us about how people live around the world.

Roller Coaster in Germany
Top of the Alps
Train that took us to the top of the Alps
Another from the top of the Alps
Bachsee Lake
Mt. Eiger
Leaning Tower of PIsa
The Colosseum

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