Don't forget the past!

By Yoselin Lozano

Have you ever repeated the same mistake over and over again?. Philosopher, George Santayana said, " Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it". My quote relates to the Holocaust in the way that if you forget something so terrorizing like the Holocaust, you could end up repeating it.

First of all, The Wave shows that people had forgotten the Holocaust and that's why it repeated at there school. In the book, the teacher Ben Ross showed his class a video about the Holocaust, something bad that happened in 1933- 1945, the students took this idea really far and ended up being a bunch of oppressors. Mr. Ross had shown his class something the hadn't known and because it was forgotten by people something like the Holocaust started at there school.

In addition, the train people from the Holocaust was filled with paper clips representing all the lives that died in the Holocaust. An additional example is the documentary called " Paper Clips ". By showing that each paper clip stood for each person that died. All the paper clips were lives that died in the Holocaust.

Another example, " First they came for the communists" . By Martin Niemoller. The Jews went one by one and no - one spoke out. This person from the poem saw repeatedly people go and never said anything then it was his/ her turn to go . Each one of the Jews that died one by one left and no one ever said or did anything till there was no-one left to speak for him/ her.

If you forget something as terrorizing as the Holocaust, it will repeat. We should all know about the past so we don't end up living it in our future. Bad things shouldn't be repeated, we all want good things in this world.

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