Our script

By: johnathan & hamza


Sentry: I should go to creon and tell him that somebody has buried the body but if I do I will probley be blamed for the buried body.

Sentry:  Creon someone has buried poly ices and I have chosen to bring you this terrible new.

Creon: can you tell me who did it.

Sentry: I do not know but I will come back when I find out.

Creon: if you do not tell me who did it you will have a brutal death.

Sentry: you must believe me creon there was no evidence left at the scene, we do not know who did it.

Choragus: could it have been the gods that bured him.

Creon: why would the gods bury a traitor.

Sentry: why are you accusing me? why do I have to bring you the man?

Creon: you might think this is a game now but unless you bring me the man who did this you will be punished brutily.

Sentry: you have seen the last of me creon I will never come back.

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2 years ago

You're missing a few of the key eight elements in the scene (bribery, Creon's freak out), and I do expect that you read your work for capitalization and punctuation.