Lord Capulet Blog 3, Act III

How can this be... How can it be! Such bitter loss... Such tragedy!!! A loss of a young soul... My dearest cousin, Tybalt. Tybalt has faced death. Again, a fray between the Montagues and the Capulets has caused blood to the city of Verona. Oh, Tybalt. He was like a son to all of us. Oh, poor soul. Forgive all what I have been saying. The loss has put all the Capulets into a pond of tears. That Montague...! What would the Royals think of us! What would the Prince think of me! Ay, ay, ay... That young Romeo. That trouble maker! He should never come back to Verona. Never!!!

In fact, the royals also have lost a poor young soul. It is all that Rome's fault. Tybalt could not have wounded Mercutio on purpose. His aim was not Mercutio at the first time, and he might has quarreled the young man for leisure. It was a steaming hot day in Verona. What reason of thou has caused the death of two young men! Tragedy... The prince has demanded Romeo to leave Verona for good. The second that Romeo is caught, it would be his last second. Romeo, romeo, that Romeo! He is just like his father. Impulsing, without any thoughts, arrogant, and he is a heartless coward.

Concerns are... will there still be a wedding?

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2 years ago

"Skylar Cho, Paris" - Zounds! Immature Mercutio has caused so much harm to all families! Oh Mercutio… What was wrong with you… Did the hot sun tempered you into a mad man? (To Capulet) You have lost Tybalt, I have lost Mercutio, and Montagues have lost Romeo. All families weep in agony, and I say that this shall be a right time for me to marry Juliet.